Sri Abhishek Singh, IAS
District Magistrate cum Chairman DHS Gaya.

Rajendra Prasad Singh
Civil sergeon cum Membar Secretary DHS Gaya.
Contact No: 9470003030

About DHS, Gaya

National Rural Health Mission Program (NRHM) is dreamed on the slogan Healthy People, Happy Nation. This dream sets the target for Officer who being an insider of the department knows the fine intricacies & the crux area within the department. These officers are also responsible for interaction with the implementing agency, whether government or private, & works as a bridge between the department and the agency.

Acceptance & adoption of the new ideas/process have been the real challenge. For this, it is direly needed that the enthusiast or what is called e-Gov. champions within the department should carry forward the project with an in-house team. This enthusiast is the e-Governance Nodal Officer.